lazy raine

Artwork • Gumboots
lazyraine-hero-brush-sml lazyraine-hero-brush-lrg


Choose from an eclectic array of abstract and mixed media artworks. Original artwork available on canvas board. Limited edition prints of each artwork printed on prestige gold cotton textured paper. Large variety of size, colours and styles to suit any interior.

From artist Claire: “I find a lot of vibrancy comes through my paintings which on most occasions is the opposite of my feelings. Expression is my happy place, no matter what I’m feeling I can lose myself in the colours and become mesmerised by the textures”.

“I also get great satisfaction from the creative process whether it be art manipulation or mixed media. Art is not only what you put on canvas, it’s all around you and I believe there’s an artist in everyone”.


Contact Claire to discuss stocking artwork or gumboots on mobile: +61 450 830 774 or email